lundi 6 décembre 2010

Quentin Caffier, studio, new Pentax 645D and nice models...

Few days ago, I was with Quentin Caffier (yes, again!) at Studio Stenope in Paris for a beauty shoot day with several models. Renaud, from Focus Numerique, came with the new Pentax 645D. A nice toy! We had a long day testing the camera with very nice girls prepared by Vee Gomez (Hair) and Coline Roussel (Make-Up) for some beauty shots.

Focus Numerique just write a new article about the Pentax 645D (in French) in collaboration with Quentin after this day in a photo studio.

Here is one of the photo Quentin made and some "behind the scene" pics I did during this day...
Photo © Quentin Caffier // Kajsa-Stina @Idole under the "hard ring-flash light"
@ Sudio Stenope
Pentax 645D
Quentin showing pictures to Kajsa on the 645D screen

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